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前100名 世界各地的大学 for UN Sustainable Development Goals2
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JCU 校友 and Senior Pharmacist Sophie Mokrzecki





An eastern spiny-tailed gecko (strophurus williamsi).



7 高度引用的研究人员1
83% Of JCU 研究 fields ranked world class or higher2
8.27亿美元 昆士兰的经济影响3


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    You are forward-thinking and excited to meet the challenges of a 21st-century career. 你是你自己独特历史的产物,也是你的家庭、朋友和社区的产物. 受过去的影响, embracing who you are and the input of others, 你已经准备好迎接你的未来.


    The place you choose to prepare for your future should be as unique as you are. 当你学习 365bet娱乐场, you partner with a university that has been shaped by history, embraces where it is and allows you to explore, 发现, grow through 研究 and teaching that makes a difference.


    Throughout your journey with the second-oldest 昆士兰大学, you will see the value of experience lived out in front of you. Embracing the lessons of history and leveraging the insights of generations, JCU is the best 昆士兰大学 for reducing inequalities* and a 澳大利亚顶尖大学.

    Study in a unique environment where world-class facilities, natural wonders and vibrant student life come together. At JCU take advantage of our world-class experience in teaching, 研究, and technological development to forge your own future.

    Choose a Queensland uni with career-focussed courses, 世界级的研究和讲师, 和最先进的设施. JCU graduates are able to apply technical competencies, while thinking differently about the challenges facing the world. 具备专业知识和准备工作的技能,在你选择的职业道路上脱颖而出.


    你拥抱你已经成为的那个人,并期待着与志趣相投的人交往,以进一步增长你的知识和技能. Your experience should build on your understanding, 帮助你开发你的全部潜力,并让你获得信息和灵感的来源.

    At 365bet娱乐场, study courses delivered by expert lecturers and world-class 研究ers. Gain a theoretical understanding through analysis and application. 将你学到的知识应用到工作和研究中,并在培养技能的同时从专业人士那里获得反馈.

    与来自领先行业和科学专业人士的特邀嘉宾交流,他们定期被邀请到澳大利亚最好的海洋生物学大学分享他们的专业知识. 致力于学生成功的讲师将帮助你获得自信和实践技能,使你在你所选择的领域中出类拔萃.


    社会的决策者和影响者对未来的挑战和可能性感到兴奋. JCU 毕业生们已经为明天做好了准备——着眼于未来,致力于创造不同.

    学位和工作是很重要的. 毕业 JCU 找工作, 解决问题的能力,使你对雇主有价值,并有信心在全球劳动力中打造你的未来.

    Develop an understanding of how theory applies to practical outputs. 运用你收集和分析数据的技能,或运用批判性思维解决复杂的社会问题, JCU graduates lead the way in solving tomorrow’s most pressing challenges.


    We are unique products of experience, personality, and hopes. We are at our best when we acknowledge the past, 好好利用365bet体育在线现有的资源, 并为一个更美好的未来而努力. 你会发现 大学在澳大利亚 that embraces this concept when you study with JCU.

    Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of teaching, learning and life at JCU. 在世界一流的设施中学习, 比如JCU的科学广场, 使用当代的,  energy efficient design and collaborative classrooms.

    在无与伦比的研究地点和世界遗产自然环境的门槛上探索独特的澳大利亚生态系统. 在大堡礁工作 JCU 丹翠热带雨林天文台或 JCU Fletcherview 研究 Station in the dry savannahs of the Australian Outback. 了解错综复杂的热带气候,并从澳大利亚热带科学和创新区或澳大利亚热带卫生研究所的世界级研究中学习 & 医学.

    在发展技能和知识的同时,建立有价值的专业网络. Become a leader in your field and help us create a brighter future for the world.

    *Times Higher Education University Impact Ratings 2019 ^CWUR 2017排名海洋和淡水生物排名世界第一 #QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey National Report